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Where do I send my raptor road count forms? [Expand]

You can post raptor road count forms to PO Box 90645, Windhoek or email them to [Hide]

How do I report sightings of ringed birds? [Expand]

Please report any resightings or recoveries of ringed birds to Holger Kolberg, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, tel. 061-263131 or 081 1295163, or any of the people listed in the contacts page of the Bird Ringing in Namibia booklet [pdf 99kb], giving as much detail as possible. See the page on ringing for more information. [Hide]

What should I do if I see birds which look like they are sick, injured, orphaned or have been poisoned? [Expand]

Contact Namibia Animal Rehabilitation, Research and Education Centre (NARREC) on 061 264409 or 061 264256 or 081 1290565. [Hide]

Is it possible to arrange a presentation to my school / conservancy / farmers group / other organisation? [Expand]

Please contact one of the co-ordinators of Raptors Namibia to discuss this. [Hide]

How do I get involved in bird ringing? [Expand]

See the page on ringing for more information. [Hide]

Is there a Bird Club in Namibia? [Expand]

Yes, the Bird Club was founded in 1962 and has been active since then. It organises monthly visits to interesting birding sites around Windhoek as well as regular visits to Avis Dam. There are camping outings to various places around Namibia 3-4 times a year. Once a month they host a lecture or video with a bird or wildlife theme. Please contact Gudren Mittendorf (the chairperson) or Hildegard Becker (the secretary) for more information. [Hide]

Is there a birding journal in Namibia? [Expand]

Yes, the Namibia Bird Club produces a journal, Lanioturdus. Contact the editor for more details. [Hide]

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