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Management Objectives

Ecological Objective Social Objective Economic Objective

Create conditions under which hippo populations can increase.


Promote local management of hippopotamus in those places where they interact with people in order to reduce conflict and provide benefits. Enable the full economic potential of hippopotamus to be realised according to the provisions for sustainable use in Namibia's Constitution.

Figure 19: Management strategy for hippo

Strategy and Actions

Hippo populations are capable of rapid population increase when conditions are favourable and long periods of self-regulated stasis when they are not. This implies that they would be resilient to harvesting and that without harvesting the population is unlikely to increase greatly.

The three main Actions are

  1. Re-introduce Hippo to the Orange River;
  2. Protect the remnant populations of the Cunene and upper Okavango rivers in situ;
  3. Manage the Caprivi hippo population for maximum sustainable benefit.