Small Grants Programme

About half of the funding (approximately N$ 2 million) has been allocated to a small grants programme. This is open to all members of civil society, including NGOs, private individuals and other interest groups who have innovative ideas to contribute to the conservation and sustainable development of the Succulent Karoo in Namibia. However, these ideas will have to follow SKEP Namibia's objectives, which are used as the selection criteria. Information on the selection and review process can be downloaded as a Word (35 Kb) or PDF (15 Kb) file, by clicking directly on the required format. The application form can, similarly, be downloaded as a Word (202 Kb) or PDF (207 Kb) file.

Interested parties are invited to submit project proposals and requests for funding. Advertisements are placed in all the major newspapers (The Namibian, New Era, and The Republikein) and posted on the NNF web site. The SKEP Namibia coordination unit screens proposals, where necessary works with the applicant to strengthen their proposals, and compiles a brief recommendation before sending these for review to the Steering Committee for evaluation. As a guideline, a maximum amount of N$ 60 000 will be awarded for a project, but there is no lower limit.

Current projects

The following projects have been approved:

  1. EduVentures' Winter expedition in the Succulent Karoo (N$ 60 000)
  2. Provision of baseline biodiversity data for conservation planning of the Sperrgebiet National Park (N$ 50 000)
  3. Brown Hyena Research Project (N$ 60 000)

SKEP-funded projects still in operation

Completed projects

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