IRAS is an information tool developed by the Transboundary Mammal Project of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. 

These species accounts provide comprehensive overview information and managment strategies for the species, focussing on Namibia but within the larger context of the neighbouring countries.

You'll find species reports, draft management plans, posters and booklets for:

  • Elephant Loxodonta africana
  • Hippo Hippopotamus amphibius
  • Buffalo Syncerus caffer caffer
  • Wetland grazers (southern reedbuck Redunca arundinum arundinum , common waterbuck Kobus ellipsiprymnus ellipsiprymnus, red lechwe Kobus leche leche, puku Kobus vardoni)
  • Roan antelope Hippotragus equinus, sable antelope H. niger niger, tsessebe Damaliscus lunatus lunatus

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