Funding: UNDP - part of Africa Adaptation Program (AAP)
Dates: August 2012 to June 2013
The aim of this project was to develop a sustainable livelihood source for a community who are in an area that is expected to experience acute climate change impacts. These include higher temperatures and a reduction in already low rainfall while overall rainfall is projected to become more erratic.
The project started with a series of meetings with the Aus Community Conservation Trust and community members to agree on the project plan. Equipment such as wheelbarrows, rakes, spades and seeds were provided as well as bicycles so that the community can reach the site easily. A solar powered water pump was installed so that the project has a sustainable water supply. Community members involved in the project were trained in conservation agriculture methods such as drip irrigation, water conservation and mulching. A garden committee was set up to manage the project and allocate the finances. 
Additionally, climate change information materials were provided to the local community and local school and lessons on climate change adaptation and agriculture were given to two classes.
The garden has a lot of potential since the nearest sources of vegetables are Keetmanshoop or South Africa. Provisional arrangements have been made with local hotels and restaurants to ensure that the garden can generate income for the community.
The project successfully met its objectives within the timeframe and the garden is now up and running and looking forward to the first harvests. The final report is now being prepared and NNF staff continue to provide ongoing support and guidance to the Aus community.