Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF) supports two working groups who focus on the conservation of Namibia's birdlife and their habitats.
Namibia Crane Working Group
This working group was formed in May 2004 as a result of a concern for the continued survival of Namibia's crane species and their habitats. The group has drawn up a Namibia Crane Action Plan and is working to put this plan into action to conserve cranes and their habitats in partnership with the people who share these habitats.

Activities include effective communication, supported by regular newsletters, crane counts, local crane awareness surveys, guide training, and planning of a crane/wetland-based tourist route in the north.

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Raptors Namibia Working Group
Namibia's vultures, other diurnal raptors and owls are increasingly under threat from factors such as disturbance, particularly at breeding sites; the misuse of poisons and pesticides; electrocution and collisions with overhead lines; habitat degradation; persecution; illegal harvesting; and drowning in reservoirs. The Raptors Namibia working group was established in 2005. The group focus on six key priority areas :
  • Promote co-ordination and communication with key stakeholders
  • Obtain information/data
  • Promote awareness and education
  • Manage raptor populations and habitats by addressing threats
  • Build capacity
  • Define protocols and policy and promote the enforcement of legislation
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