Funded by the Finnish Embassy in Namibia, through the Fund for Local Cooperation

Project Date:
September 2014 - December 2016
Project Descriptor:
Namibia is a country blessed with incredible landscapes, wildlife and people making it an increasingly attractive tourism destination. It is also home to one of the world’s most progressive and successful conservation initiatives the Community Based Natural Resource Management Programme. This programme has, in the last 20 years seen almost half of all communal land areas and 20% of Namibia being designated as conservancies by the people themselves. Part of the reason for doing so is because in such an arid country natural resource utilisation and wildlife in particular can offer a completive alternative to other forms of land-use. The communities have in many areas teamed up with private operators to form joint venture partnerships and today these conservancies generate over USD8 million in cash and in-kind benefits, the majority of which come from photographic tourism and hunting tourism.
The hunting tourism is particularly vulnerable to the trophy hunting market and this project seeks to develop alternative non-trophy hunting systems that directly support the management objectives of conservancies. The conservancies have three types of quota available to them, a trophy quota, a shoot and sell quota (meat) and an own use quota. The management of the shoot and sell quota and own use quota could be improved to better align them with management objectives, to become more efficient and also to raise more income and enhance the value of wildlife.
The Finnish Embassy in Namibia through its Fund for Local Cooperation have provided funding to the Namibia Nature Foundation to look at ways of promoting non-trophy hunting specifically to the Finnish market, whilst at the same time promoting business opportunities. The project aims to pilot 2 types of hunting which are non-trophy and target a group hunting experience;
              • Professional Package: this package is run by a professional outfitter Esterux Safaris and targeted towards groups (4 persons) wanting a more professional experience and should be particularly interesting for the business market, either those wishing to explore business opportunities in Namibia or targeted corporate events particularly for those in the hunting industry (weapons, ammunition, optics & clothing companies). The package involves hunting a set quota of animals for utilization by the community and depending on the clients can involved more or less community engagement, e.g. being involved in the meat handling and distribution to households or not.
              • Conservancy Package: This package is intended to be more of a self-driven safari, aimed at groups (4 persons) of hunting friends or for targeted corporate team building. The emphasis is on hunters being self sufficient in terms of transport and food and being hosted in a conservancy, where local guides will facilitate the hunting. The hunters will be directly involved in the daily planning and execution of their hunting together with their hosts and will assist with the post hunt processes, meat handling and distribution or processing. This is designed to be a very immersive and personal experience.
The target areas are Conservancies in Erongo and Kunene to date we are working with Orupembe and Sanitatis and are exploring options in Erongo.
This project is being carried out in consultation with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and in close collaboration with NACSO, NAPHA and the Finnish Hunters Association and Estreux Safaris.