Funding: UNESCO
Dates: August 2012 – August 2013
UNESCO Man and Biosphere (MAB) Reserve Feasibility Study
NNF is carrying out a feasibility study on the possible creation of a UNESCO Man and Biosphere (MAB) reserve in Namibia. MAB is an international programme established in 1971 with over 500 reserves in 117 countries. MAB reserves comprise three main functions: conservation, development, and logistic support. One possible area for an MAB reserve in Namibia is the Mudumu North complex in East Caprivi which includes four conservancies (Mashi, Muyuni, Sobbe and Kwando), two protected areas (Bwabwata and Mudumu national parks), and commercial enterprises such as lodges.
The aim of the project is to quantify and qualify the potential impacts of a Biosphere Reserve in Namibia. Recommendations will then be made to decision makers.
Main activities:
  • review of other MAB reserves in Southern Africa
  • collection of field data from the Caprivi region
  • where appropriate, cost-benefit analysis
The MAB programme combines science, economics and education to improve human livelihoods and safeguard ecosystems, as well as providing research and logistical support to areas that are significant for biodiversity conservation. MAB status helps to raise the profile of an area, enables knowledge sharing with the MAB network and can help to leverage funding.