Funder: Millennium Challenge Account Namibia - MCA-N

Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF) is a partner for Conservancy Development Support Services (CDSS) which is delivering against the conservancy ecotourism development component of the MCA Tourism program. See CDSS under the Project Section opposite. 

This programme seeks to increase tourist visits to Namibia and direct tourism income to formerly disadvantaged communities in communal conservancies.  Given a national unemployment rate of 51.2% in Namibia, it is recognised that tourism can be an important generator of employment, particularly in remote, rural areas where tourism enterprises frequently offer the only viable formal jobs. This programme builds on measures put in place by the Namibian Government.
There are three priority activities in the tourism sector:
1) Improve management and infrastructure of Etosha National Park;
2) Enhance the marketing of Namibia tourism; and
3) Develop the capacity of communal conservancies to attract investments in eco-tourism and capture a greater share of the revenue generated by tourism in Namibia.
Together, these activities are generating income and creating employment opportunities for some of the less fortunate communities in Namibia, while conserving the natural resources that serve as the foundation of the tourism industry. 
Read more about NNF's work as a field partner for the delivery of activities associated with the third area – eco-tourism development in 6 conservancies in South Kunene and Kavango. 
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