PharmaWorld 2000 made a generous donation of veterinary pharmaceuticals and instruments to the Namibia African Wild Dog Project.

Florian Weise, the lead researcher on the project, was delighted to receive the boxes of supplies from Europe:

"Thanks to the generous equipment support from PharmaWorld 2000, the Namibia African Wild Dog Project will be able to shed more light on the population structure, disease ecology and conflict involvement of endangered African wild dogs in the Mangetti Area of northern Namibia. Because wild dogs are highly threatened these assessments are of critical importance to outline suitable conservation strategies. The medical supplies will be utilised for four main purposes. One, they will enable appropriate collection and storage of wild dog scat samples to assess prey selection which can subsequently be used to determine livestock depredation and hence conflict with Namibian farmers. Two, the supplies allow the research team to start disease screening in a large number of domestic dogs in the same area and therefore assess the likelihood of disease transmission from domestics to threatened African wild dogs in the Mangetti. Three, when wild dogs are captured the medical supplies will be utilised to collect blood, fecal, hair and saliva samples for subsequent DNA profiling. The latter will be important in determining how the Mangetti wild dogs relate to other sub-population, for example in the Zambezi area or in Botswana. One question to be answered is whether the Mangetti wild dogs are part of a self-sustaining population or still rely on immigration of individuals from other breeding populations? Finally, medical kits will be essential for collecting samples to investigate causes of mortality. The researchers sincerely thank you for your technical support of this project".

A big thank to all the team at PharmaWorld for gathering all the different supplies together and getting them safely to Namibia.