Species Conservation

NamPower/NNF Strategic Partnership

Newsletter 6 - Feb 2011

12 Dec 2012

The NamPower/NNF Strategic Partnership: two years down the line
Phase II of the Environmental Information Service (EIS) completed
Focus on bustards and power lines
- Bustard and power lines workshop, and action plan for bird collisions with power lines
- Is Ludwig's Bustard faced with extinction?
- Example of a bustard collision hotspot near Vredendal, Western Cape, SA
Power line surveys
- Kokerboom-Aries (400 kV)
- Harib-Rock (132 kV)
- Kokerboom-Nabas (66 kV)
- Tamarisk-Kuiseb (66 kV and 220 kV)
- Walmund-Van Eck, Ganab area (220 kV)
- Standard recommendations for power line surveys
Power line/wildlife incidents
- Two more flamingos collide on 132 kV power line at Trekkopje
- Secretarybird collision on 400 kV Aus-Kokerboom line
- Three vulture collision incidents on 33 kV line
- White-breasted Cormorant collides with 11 kV power line near Tsumeb
- Three outage incidents caused by electrocution of spotted genets
NamPower uses "Dummy poles" with success to mitigate the Sociable Weaver nesting problem