Funding: European Union through the Civil Society Foundation of Namibia
Dates: May 2014 to April 2015

The project was developed in association with three conservancies Eiseb, Otjombinde and Omuramba Ua Mbinda who have received very limited support for the development of their communities. The overall objective is to support rural development in the conservancies by providing critical institutional and governance training, mentoring and technical support in Community-based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM).

Specifically the project aims to build the knowledge, capacity and awareness of the communal conservancy members in the areas of governance and organisational management, and to carry out a Sustainable Natural Resource Enterprise Assessment to identify and recommend appropriate income and employment generating opportunities for the conservancy and its members.

The highly successful CBNRM programme has shown that the long-term ability of conservancies to function sustainably is largely dependent upon their ability to effectively govern and manage their organisational responsibilities in a transparent and accountable manner. To complement this training and technical assistance NNF, in collaberation with experts and the community, will identify the most appropriate natural resource based sustainable development opportunities for that specific community. This will cover areas such as Wildlife, Indigenous Natural Projects, Conservation Agriculture, Rangeland Management etc and take into account environmental sustainability and gender and vulnerable population empowerment.