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Namibian conservancies proposed as GDI pilot sites

The Green Development Initiative (GDI) is a new concept to attract funding for biodiversity and communities. It is piloting an international standard, best-practice toolkit and public registry for recognising and supporting biodiversity-responsible area-based management…  

19 Aug 2013 | News

Solar powered borehole flowing at Aus Community Garden Project

A garden project committee, reporting to the Aus Community Conservation Trust (ACCT), was set up to manage the project and ensure sustainability. …  

13 Aug 2013 | News

Results of Walvis Bay Winter Bird Count

A review of the Winter 2013 Walvis Bay Bird Count by Peter Bridgeford…  

1 Aug 2013 | News

Namibia Wildlife Trust donates to NNF

N$27,600 donation from the Namibia Wildlife Trust to Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF) for Desert Elephant and Rhino. …  

10 Jul 2013 | News

Cassava on eBay? M-Farm SMS helps Kenya's farmers get better prices | Mark Tran

An interesting article from the Guardian UK about an information service for smallholder farmers in Kenya called M-Farm. They receive an SMS with market prices in real time for their products - cassava, groundnuts, sorghum, passion fruit - so they do not get ripped off by buyers at their farms.…  

4 Jul 2013 | News

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