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World Oceans Day Celebrated at Luderitz

Celebrating World Oceans Day World Oceans Day has been celebrated annually on 8 June since 2008, when the United Nations officially declared it World Oceans Day. Our oceans are bountiful: they help feed us, they provide us with energy, they regulate our climate, purify our water, help carry most of the world’s trade goods, and they inspire us. …  

3 Jul 2015 | News

Shell NIMPA Progress stories

This work is carried out as part of a collaboration between the MFMR, NNF (African Penguin Project & Namibian Dolphin Project) and UCT to support the support the Namibian Marine Islands Protected Area, with financial assistance from Shell Namibia Upstream B.V.…  

19 Mar 2015 | News

Shell supporting the Namibian Islands Marine Protected Area

Namibia Nature Foundation is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Shell Namibia Upstream B.V…  

16 Dec 2014 | News

Campaign gathering support from around the world.

The campaign to raise funds to support community Rhino Rangers is spreading across the world.…  

8 Dec 2014 | News

Conservancy based Rhino Rangers are extending the patrol areas for black rhino protection.

The Namibian Conservancy Rhino Ranger programme is rapidly growing the patrolled area for the largest free-roaming black rhino population in the world.…  

19 Nov 2014 | News

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