Campaign gathering support from around the world.

8 Dec 2014 | News

The campaign to raise funds to support community Rhino Rangers is spreading across the world.

Just one week since launch, the Namibia Nature Foundation’s first global campaign to raise funds has supporters appearing from around the world.

After only seven days the Rhino Ranger campaign has generated support from individuals in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, South Africa and, of course, Namibia.
Every dollar contributes towards maintaining a permanent Rhino Ranger patrol in an area of Kunene that desperately needs this added level of rhino monitoring. Recent discoveries of poached rhino carcasses have just served to show the threat to the world’s largest free-ranging black rhino population that exists in Namibia.

Quoted recently in Namibia’s national media Lesley Karutjaiva, a Senior Tracker with Save the Rhino Trust, said “We have seen in other areas how a permanent presence in the field helps to protect the black rhino population.”

One of our supporters from the USA, a volunteer at a major American zoo, says, “I get the opportunity to educate the public on the plight of African animals. The delicate balance between humans and animals needs consistent monitoring or we will lose precious wildlife due to greed and stupidity. I am very excited to be part of the process to save the black rhinos.”

If you think that this special population deserves all the protection we can offer, then please donate to our campaign page here Help protect free-roaming black rhino in Namibia.

As Lesley Karutjaiva of Save the Rhino Trust says:
“Rhino Ranger patrols work.”