Community members in the Omaheke region build their know-how and receive the tools to manage their Conservancy.

17 Sep 2014 | News

Three Omaheke Conservancies, Eiseb, Otjombinde and Omuramba ua Mbinda, are now better equipped to manage their natural resources sustainably thanks to training and new laptops funded by the EU through the Civil Society Foundation, in partnership with NNF.

The Omaheke community members have taken another step forward in managing their own natural resources for conservation and sustainable development. This was a reult of their partnership with the Namibia Nature Foundation, funded by the EU through the Civil Society Foundation.

Conservancy members at the training session.

At a recent training seminar where essential management skills were transferred to the community members, the team were also happy to receive some essential management tools, in the form of a new laptop.

Recieving the new laptop.

“The training was fantastic. We are now coming out of the darkness and can see the light again. Everyone in the community now understands what conservation and the conservancy means for us – morale is starting. And the laptop is our first asset.” 

David Rukee, Chairperson, Eiseb Conservancy.