Exploring ways to collaborate

9 Jul 2014 | News

NNF and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) workshop in Rundu, Kavango region.

The NNF Director Angus Middleton and the Kavango MET staff yesterday discussed areas of collaboration in the environmetal eduction and CBNRM (community-based natural resource management) sectors in the region. At the meeting were the following; Karel Ndumba (Chief Control Warden), Hilde Hileka (Warden CBNRM), Selma Angolo (Warden Environmental Education), Gerrit Bartels (GIZ Advisor to MET), Wildarld Mukena (Pricipal Ranger), Andrew Haingura (Coordintor NNF), Katie Oxenham (NNF) and Fidelis Mpofu (INP Regional Coordinator, NNF).