How to Become a Digital Ranger in Namibia

23 Sep 2014 | News

Namibia is trialling a new way to do wildlife censusing, using crowdsourcing to to help with the task.

The Polytechnic of Namibia is experimenting with the application of drone technology in wildlife censusing. Software technology to “count animals” from the images produced by the drones is being investigated, but in the meantime they are manually going through each of the 1300 images to find the animals. It is painstaking work.

However their Swiss partners and Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve came up with the idea of making the images available to people around the world to help with this task. As the link below explains it uses crowdsourcing (basically anyone with a computer to take up the role of e-ranger for a day or two) to find the animals. Volunteers are provided with a set of images and are asked to scan the images visually for possible animals hiding in the bush, and mark them. The team at the Polytechnic will then further analyse the “marked” images.

All are welcome to take part – for more information and to sign up to be a Digital Ranger just follow the instructions on the micromappers site.