World Oceans Day Celebrated at Luderitz

3 Jul 2015 | News

Celebrating World Oceans Day World Oceans Day has been celebrated annually on 8 June since 2008, when the United Nations officially declared it World Oceans Day. Our oceans are bountiful: they help feed us, they provide us with energy, they regulate our climate, purify our water, help carry most of the world’s trade goods, and they inspire us.

Our oceans are under threat from our activities and we need to do more to help conserve them. The theme for World Ocean Day 2015 is Healthy Oceans Healthy Planet. People all over the world depend on the oceans, so it is important to work together to ensure that our oceans remain healthy and so maintain the health of our existence on the planet. In particular this year the focus is on plastic pollution; not only are wildlife choking on plastic pollution, but our oceans are too.  The more we look into it, the more we realise that even small degraded bits of plastic (micoplastics) are harming our oceans.

This year we celebrated World Oceans Day in Namibia, for the first time, with an event in Lüderitz on the 13th of June. The event held at the Lüderitz Waterfront saw hundreds of school children (and adults) taking part in activities aimed at raising awareness about the ocean. The event also saw the judging of artwork made from recycled materials by the students, and prizes were awarded by the Mayoress of Lüderitz, Suzan Ndjaleka and Shell Namibia Country Chairman Dennis Zekveld. 

In his speech, Mr Zekveld said “It is wonderful to see that the youth is interested in our oceans and we know that it is critical that they become involved in protecting it.”

The harbour town of Lüderitz is the only town situated adjacent to the Namibian Islands’ Marine Protected Area (NIMPA). Together with the Lüderitz Peninsula, part of the Succulent Karoo biodiversity hotspot, this is the only area that is freely accessible to visitors, including the local population and tourists. This event is organised by the Namibia Nature Foundation supported by Shell Namibia Upstream B.V. to raise awareness about NIMPA and marine issues amongst school children.